While it is true that there is no cure for tinnitus, it is possible to manage, alleviate, and overcome. So yes! You can get relief from tinnitus. Bear in mind though that tinnitus is a symptom, so pin-pointing and rectifying the cause of the tinnitus would be the most effective way to address it (i.e. disorders or diseases causing the tinnitus may require medical management).

Tinnitus can be frustrating and you may want answers right away, but identifying the cause is often a process of elimination. Both an audiological and medical diagnosis are necessary.

The first step in dealing with tinnitus is to have a hearing assessment so that hearing loss can be identified or ruled out as the cause. Counseling and written information should be provided by a hearing health care professional.

It is also important to identify and rule out any possible medical causes e.g. have your blood pressure checked, and have a medical consultation with a health care professional to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing the tinnitus.

There are many conditions that cause tinnitus, and there are many things that aggravate it. Even if you do not know what is causing the tinnitus, you may already have identified some aggravating factors which would be helpful to either reduce or avoid.

An infographic containing advice on tinnitus

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